Also known is Islamic Society of Ajax. Musalla at Unit #16. Ajax is a fast growing city at east end of GTA. With more and more Muslim immigrants relocating from GTA to newer communities in Ajax. A need to establish an Islamic center that has representation from local Muslim communities was very much sought for many years till now. ??Islamic Society of Ajax will serve as an organization that represents local Muslim community and fulfill their religious needs that will include providing a space for five-time prayers, Jumma prayer, Taraweh and madrassa with an ambition to introduce more religious services in very near future. The local community Muslims have been offering prayers for many years in their homes/basements till now. By the grace of Allah almighty, we all have joined together and have secured a place to offer prayers and other religious services in the north end of Ajax (near Harwood and Taunton intersection). This musalla will serve as the base for masjid in future in this area insh'Allah.