Assalamualikom Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatu

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

MIC, in coordination with PATH ( People Acting Together in Howard County), is holding an open meeting on Saturday 12-5-15 at 5 pm. We cordially invite you to attend and support this meeting, during which several important timely topics will be discussed and explored. Also invited are community members of different faiths, religious leaders from surrounding churches and synagogues, representatives from the Board of Education, and representatives from the Howard County Police Department.

Due to recent circumstances, Islamophobia has grown and stories about Muslims being harassed and attacked have become ever more frequent. There is no time like the present to increase community dialog around these challenging dynamics.

During the meeting, a variety of topics are planned. Anticipated topics include ideas and concerns associated with refugee settlement as reflected in media coverage, realistic considerations of actual needs and circumstances of refugee families who currently reside or may in the future relocate to MD; the current rising trend of attacks and harassment toward Muslims in the community; stereotyping and lack of knowledge/understanding about Islamic principals, beliefs and individuals, and the need for continued interfaith dialog.

We encourage you to attend so our community's voices can be heard by important county agencies, so that we can engage in proactive and socially responsible dialog regarding emerging public events, as well as support Interfaith efforts within the County. Maryum Islamic Center has been impressed with the efforts and interest of community members in the interfaith community regarding the welfare of Howard County's Muslim citizens. We look forward to the opportunity to open this timely dialog.

Other ideas are welcome, insha-Allah. If you have any additional ideas to make this a successful event at MIC, please send an email to : or call Br Hassan : 443-538-5344

We hope to see you on Saturday December 5th, 2015 Insha-Allah .

Jazakom Allah Khieraa
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