Masjid Freehaven sits on approximately 1.75 acres of land in a beautiful wooded setting. Lawnside, N.J., a community of 3,000 residents has a significant history as a landmark for the Underground Railroad. Lawnside was named Freehaven before the Civil War, as a refuge for runaway slaves from the South. Masjid Freehaven?s name was chosen to recapture the significant history of the Lawnside Community. Our mission is to establish a balanced community life in it?s broadest sense, witnessing the eternal wisdom of the Holy Quran and the life example of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We will strive to cultivate the patterned growth of human excellence and good character through building valuable relationships with all God-conscious people. The Masjid welcomes visitors on Fridays at 1 p.m. for prayer and Sundays for educational classes.