You get these questions all the time:

Hey, aren’t you hot in that hee-jaab?
So why can’t you shake my hand again? How about a hug?
13 wives and the youngest was 9? Please explain this one.
He can marry 4 times but she’s limited to 1? Why is that?
How’s it fair that you need 2 women to count as 1 witness?
If the religion is so humane, how can you justify amputation, capital punishment, and stoning? Sounds barbaric to me.
And the questions are endless…

It seems that each time you think you addressed their concerns they come up with yet another question. It’s only a matter of time before you get stumped, start stuttering and come up with some half-hearted answer that leaves them even more unconvinced.
Have you considered that you might be doing it all wrong?
Unfortunately, many of us are doing Islam a disservice by venturing into the field of Da’wah without first learning the science of giving Da’wah. Yes, there’s a whole science of Da’wah!

Al-Maghrib Institute is pleased to return one of its pioneering seminars: Shahadah - The Fiqh of Da'wah taught by Shaykh Kamal El Mekki.

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