Do you have ideas about making Bolingbrook a stronger community? Do you feel you are passionate about an activity we should engage in as MAB? Want to drive value to the community and leave a strong legacy behind? Please read on as we may have a unique opportunity for you to make a difference.

Strategic Planning Committee and its objectives
Last year in September, under the direction of the MAB Guardian Committee (GC) and the Shura Board of Directors (BoD), a new initiative called the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) was launched to help define the long term strategic direction of MAB. SPC will act as a facilitator working closely with the BoD, GC and with the community to ensure that any strategic plan shall reflect, to the greatest possible extent, the consensus of the community for MAB’s vision in 2030. To facilitate community engagement and feedback, we have developed a structured framework and we are now ready for the engagement with the community to capture your feedback. We will hold a General Body meeting to accomplish this task.

We cannot emphasize enough that the best product of this effort will emerge only with MAXIMUM input from the community and In Sha Allah, your efforts will be rewarded by laying a strong foundation of what MAB will become by 2030.

We look forward to your active engagement on February, 17, 2018. Please reach out to the GC or BoD members with any questions or comments.

Jazaakumullah Khayran,
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MAB - Muslim Association of Bolingbrook
351 Veterans Pkwy, Bolingbrook, IL, United States