Also known as Masjid Dar-us-Salaam. Due to rising population of Muslim community in New Tampa, Morris Bridge Road property was purchased in 2001 to convert this residential place into a Masjid. From a humble beginning of accommodating less than 20 people, this Masjid now, can accommodate more than 250 people. Again, the growing Muslim communities around the Masjid has made it necessary to build a bigger place to facilitate the needs of this community. We are working diligently to expand the services provided to this and surrounding communities. Over 50 children are learning to read quran and hadith 6 days a weekand also an Arabic class for adults on sunday is being conducted by imam mohsin.1800 sq. ft. of space is available to the muslim community for weddings, lectures, seminars and other activities. Muslim community from different Muslim countries are using this facility to promote islam and other related activities.