Youth Leadership Fall Program at ISCJ- Toastmaster

This program follows the format of the Toastmasters International
program, with some modifications. The program is designed to help
young people overcome the fear of public speaking. The Youth
Leadership sessions are very interactive. Everyone participates. Participants will receive a manual to guide them during the program, and a certificate at the time of completion.

Who: Youth between the ages of 12 and 16

Location: ISCJ

Date: 8 sessions: Fridays from 9/29 - 12/30
Sept. 29th, Oct.13th, Oct. 27th, Nov. 10th, Nov. 24th, Dec. 8th, Dec. 22nd, TBD

Time: 6pm – 8 pm

Cost: $65 for each attendee for early registration and $85 for
late registration.
Min/max: Registration is limited to 20 participants

Early Registration Deadline: September 27 th , 2017
Please register online:

Permission slip: All students must print and bring the permission slip, which is located in the discussion section of this event page.

More Details:

Over the next 8 sessions, all participants are expected to give at least 3 speeches, and give written evaluations of their peers on a weekly basis. Participants will be assigned a project at the end of each session

If participants engage fully, at the end of the program there should be a noticeable difference in their presentation style and self-confidence. Many former participants say that the program helped them to do better in school.

Speech contests are a part of the program and are used as a motivating tool. Small prizes are given to contest winners. At the last session, parents and guests are invited to come to the program.

By the end of the program, students who come to class regularly and fully participate in the program will have learned the following:
1) How to organize a speech
2) How to make eye contact with their audience
3) How to speak loudly and clearly
4) How to use vocal variety
5) How to use gestures and movement for a more
effective presentation
6) How to tell a story during a speech
7) How to fit a question in their presentation
8) How to speak without notes or use notes effectively
9) How to evaluate their peers
10) How to listen effectively
11) How to speak spontaneously
12) How to control their nervousness.


Ahmed Mohamed, Ph.D. (Resident Director of Youth
Islamic Programs),

Mushi Bhuiyan,
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Islamic Society of Central Jersey (Official)
4145 US-1, Monmouth Junction, NJ, United States