As Salaamu Alaikum,

ISCJ continues to be committed to providing you with resources/talks/classes so you can make the best of your overall wellness, Insha'Allah.

On Sunday, Jan. 29th from 11:30am to 1:00pm:
Join Sister Yasmin Essa for Managing Disease Through Islam, Nutrition & Holistic Health.

Some topics which will be covered:
*What is Holistic Health?
*What does Islam say about disease?
*Acute versus chronic conditions
*Preventative care vs reactive care
*How to empower your immune system
*The importance of mind-body-soul wellness
*How to empower yourself at the doctor's office
*Tips for patients of chronic conditions
*Tips for caretakers and family members of patients of chronic conditions

About the Speaker:
Sister Yasmin Essa is a Women's Wellness Expert & Coach,
Founder of MBMuslima Magazine and Wellness with Yasmin & the Online Ramadan Mind Body Soul Retreat. Please check out her site at

Yasmin Essa is also an ISCJ weekend school graduate, and is now an ISCJ weekend school teacher!

Check out her:
1) YouTube recording for the Spring Detox webinar Yasmin Essa did on the topic of maximizing the body's natural abilities to detoxify itself. There's a lot of great content here:
2) Interviewed by the IAMY Blog One Voice:

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