Sexual Risk Avoidance Uniquely Designed for Muslim Youth
Empowering Our Youth!

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3 Session:
Sisters Only Session: 1pm—3pm
Parents Session: 3:30pm—5:30pm
Brothers Only Session: 6pm—8pm

Closed Door Sister Session / Closed Door Brother Session:
Due to the taboo nature of certain subjects, education pertaining to important issues facing our brothers and
sisters has remained unchecked. In this session, Dr. Shaakira Abdul Razzaq provides valuable information on the prevalence of premarital haraam relationships in Muslim communities and the suggested interventions for Muslim youth faced with the pressures to compromise their principles. Our young brothers and sisters will have separate, closed-door workshops for this session.

Parents Session:
As parents, sometimes we try to pretend that there are no problems within our youth or we believe the notion of “not my child.” On the contrary, there are many problems within our youth and this session aims to focus on one core
problem, premarital haraam relationships. As parents, we have a responsibility to address this issue, yet statistics have shown that youth are more likely to discuss these issues more with the friends. Dr. Shakira aims to change this narrative by getting the conversation started, and providing parents with a brief overview of necessary knowledge and practical
advice to address everyday challenges faced by today's youth. Dr. Shaakira will also provide an overview of her Love
Beyond Love program in which she guides youth how to apply their Islam to common encounters in today’s society.

About Dr. Shaakira Abdul Razzaq:
A Registered Professional Nurse. She earned a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree from Rutgers University and is now a Family Nurse Practitioner. She is strongly passionate about implementing empowering sex education programs among Muslim youth to prevent potential physical, mental, spiritual, and social consequences of sex during adolescence. External Event Url
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