One out of every 20 children aged 14 or younger—93 million kids around the world—are living with a moderate or severe disability of some kind. Many are invisible, excluded from school, hidden by their families and abandoned by their governments and/or communities. We believe that regardless of ability, all children have a right to reach their full potential. Each one of these children is more than a statistic; each child is a son or daughter, brother or sister, friend or classmate. Each should have the same rights and opportunities as any other child. The unfortunate truth is that they do not. Children with disabilities are targets of discrimination, exclusion, stigmatization, neglect, exploitation, violence and abuse. Worst of all, children with disabilities are too often invisible—ignored by governments and communities.

At the Islamic Society of Central Jersey, we believe that children with disabilities deserve equal dreams and equal lives. We believe in ZERO discrimination against children with disabilities. Children belong at the center of efforts to build inclusive societies, not simply as recipients of charity, but as agents of change.

This program aims to bring children with disabilities and families together for social and spiritual connection and/or support. We pray that the children with special needs and families will find friendship and form bonds that extends beyond the Masjid. Our vision with this program is to bring our children with disabilities out of hiding and/or seclusion, as they are part of our community and our Masjid. External Event Url
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