ISCJ Seminar Committee Presents

An Informational Seminar

Facing the Challenges: COLLEGE Planning – COLLEGE Funding

Presented by: Sr. Mei Zhou, Hartland Education, NJ

Date: Saturday Dec 5, 5PM – Location: ISCJ/MPR

Are you Prepared for your Children’s Education?

Are you interested in learning different strategies to help you find the “Best Fit College” for your children?

Are you concerned that the high cost of college will impact your Retirement

Learn Easy and Simple Strategies

Are you worried about the Rising Cost of College Tuition?

Are you having a hard time Completing the FAFSA Form?

Are you concerned that the high cost of college will impact Funds in your 401(k) and retirement goals?

Are you informed enough about how to qualify for student Loans, Scholarships and Grants?

Empowering Parents to Make Informed Decisions

Guiding Students to Tap into Resources & Scholarships

Learn Different Types of Scholarships


o Merit Based

o Need Based

o Private

Learn what are Considered Assessable Assets

Learn what are Considered Non-Assessable Assets

Learn Next Steps – Action Plan

o Importance of Applying Early

o Filling out FAFSA (Free App Federal Student Aid) Form

Note: It’s Free Application

Key is to Make Education Plans Early External Event Url
Islamic Society of Central Jersey (Official)
4145 Route One South, Monmouth Junction, NJ, United States