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About This Course:
We will try to gain a survey understanding of our history and even more importantly, develop a proper outlook to studying and appreciating history for ourselves Inshaa Allah.

This course will cover following major categories, Inshaa Allah:

I) From the Prophet’s (pbuh) death to the End of the Ummayads (632- 750)

State of the world. Why the Arabs?
Death of Prophet. Politics. The great Fitnah
Rebellion of Mukhtar and Start of Umayyads (first “Islamic” Dynasty)
II) Abbassids, and Islamic Authority (750-900)

How the change from Ummayyads to Abbasids took place?
Shiism taking its roots in theology
Start of the Political Shii century from (945-1045)
4 Major Shii Dynasties (Qarmats, Fatimads, Hamdanids, Buyyids)
5 Sunni Caliphates, while all being under the Khalifa in Baghdad:
Samanids. Ghaznawids, Saljuqs, Ghurids, Khwarizmshahs)
The authority of religion is with the Ulama, not the Rulers!
From a Caliphate to Empires and eventual Nations, all the seeds are set.
III) Crusades, Mongols, and Mamluks (950-1560)

Crusades: 6 major Crusades and the effect of each one
Mongols (how they invaded, the conquered the Muslims, then accepted Islam)
Mamluks: Establishment of Egypt (Cairo) as an Ideal Muslim land
A den of Scholarship and a Golden Age
How did Spain come about - the continuity of the Umayyad Empire
A holocaust in Spain. The great expulsion
IV) Ottomans, Birth of Nations, Islam in America

Ottomans Expansion: Formation and eventual downfall of the Ottoman Empire
The Splitting of the Ottoman Empire; Birth of Arab Nationalism and Nations
Post WWI, WWII Islamic World
Islam in America: Brief History of Muslims in America since Colonial Times
Major faces of Islam in America Today External Event Url
Islamic Society of Central Jersey (Official)
4145 US-1, Monmouth Junction, NJ, United States