The target of the audience: Any Adult who is involved in the upbringing of a child, such as the parents, grandparents, teachers, caregivers etc...

The Objective of the Presentation:
·Empower the adults and children to actively intervene to prevent and stop bullying
·Learn about new, effective strategies for controlling bullying at your child's school
·Create an environment where there is an understanding among all students
·Focusing on strategies to help the victim, the bystander, and the bully
·Raising empathetically conscious children
·Providing parenting tools that would help nurture instincts like forbearance, equality, kindness, and forgiveness devoid of racial baggage.

Speaker Bio:
Gulmakai P. Saleh is a mother, teacher, mentor, speaker, and author who has been working with numerous Muslim communities for the past 14 years. Besides her love for self-study, she is pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Psychology & Islamic Studies. Gulmakai has experience in teaching various subjects spanning across different aspects of the educational field, along the lines she has coordinated countless events and has been working with multiple communities and has been helping people of all ages and background. She has taken different roles in the administration sector of education.

She is the founder and director of ‘Youth Under the Shade,’ which is an organization that has a holistic approach in helping the youth. She has written two children’s books along with her own website, Gulmakai’s first publication is titled, “The Goodness Soup” and “Princess Diversity and the Golden Rule,” is her second. With each book, she conducts workshops to young children, by encouraging them to be heroes to themselves as well as to others. External Event Url
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