Asalaamu alaykum,

This Saturday, Feb 18th the MCSS Food Drive and the ISBCC encourages you all to come out and help to pack, deliver, and clean up!

Can you lend a helping hand as a volunteer? Please come and help spread the word.

You can sign up to volunteer via the following link:

Schedule of the Day:
1) Packing (starting 10am)
2) Deliveries (starting 12:45pm)
3) Clean-up (12:30pm)

The towns we need to cover for deliveries are: Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Charlestown, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, South Boston, and South End. If you can help with deliveries, please let me know which town(s) you prefer to cover and the number of deliveries you can make, so we can plan the routes beforehand.

If you or your friends are interested in subscribing to the MCSS email list or are interested in helping with planning the monthly food drive, please email amnabuku2@yahoo. com.

To learn more about MCSS, visit: http://www. Food_Drive.htm

Jazakum Allahu Khairan and hope you can make it on Saturday!

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Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC)
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