It’s that time of the year again, an opportunity to draw nearer to Allah with the beautiful companionship of your brothers and sisters at the MAS Youth Winter Retreat Experience. This life-changing retreat will rejuvenate our faith and reconnect our souls to our Creator by pushing us to our limits with a thoughtful, concentrated, stimulating schedule.

Boston, are you ready to embark on this spiritual journey of personal & character development?

Date: February 16th (6pm) to Feb. 18th (2pm)

Age 18+

Early Registration: Jan 19th | $125
Late Registration: Jan 31st | $145

*The team understands that not everyone may be able to pay this price; if there is a legitimate need, please email us at for financial aid offers. Financial aid offers are only possible by donors like you, so please donate generously here: External Event Url
North Scituate, RI
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