A reminder of what it means to live for, MAS Youth Winter Retreat will embrace your heart, sweeten your relationship with Allah, instill humbling strength and integrity, and build individuals who will rise to greatness, yet be grounded like mountains through a concentrated, stimulating schedule.

Boston, are you ready to embark on this journey of personal & character development?

This year’s theme is “A Balancing Act.” Over the course of the retreat, we want to instill a sense of balance back into our lives to face the challenges of modern life, through the lens and grounding of faith.

If you wish to attend the retreat, please register at https://www.muslimamericansociety.org/register/bos/retreat2017/ as promptly as possible. Early registration, ending on 1/20/17, will cost participants $115. Regular registration will cost participants $135, ending on 2/1/16. The team understands that not everyone may be able to pay this price; if there is a legitimate need, please email us at retreat@masboston.org for financial aid offers.

Financial aid offers are only possible by donors like you, so please donate generously here: links.masboston.org/retreat2017

If you want to learn more about our beloved speakers, feel free to visit Mohammad Hasan or Oaktree Institute, Suzy Ismail, and you can visit the ISBCC page to learn more about our beloved Imam Abdul-Malik (http://isbcc.org/associate-imam/). External Event Url
Camp Aldersgate
1043 Snake Hill Rd, North Scituate, RI, United States