Assalamu Alaikum,

IOST Masjid is excited and happy to announce that Sister Hena Zuberi will be visiting the community this upcoming weekend.
Even better is that all of her talks are complete FREE with FREE food!

Both of her programs this weekend are can't miss! Trust us when we say this, but this is the most excited we have been for a guest speaker at IOST!

Her weekend will begin with a potluck community monthyl family dinner on Friday, April 22, 2106. Dinner will be at 6 PM, so make sure you stop by and bring a dish to share with others. Enjoy some food, and then listen to her first program, titled, "Being Responsible Citizens" which will begin at 7:15 PM. This program is open to the whole community. She will discuss how Muslims should and can contribute towards our society and in which ways.

Then on Saturday at 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM, Sister Hena and her daughter will be holding a mother daughter workshop. where she will be discussing to mothers how to raise a growing daughter! She will also be discussing sensative issues such as sexuality, modesty, marriage, and more! Her duaghter will also be conducting a session at the same time for daughters on hijab, modesty, and growing into a woman. The sessions are geared for girls and daughters ages 9-14, but others are also welcome to attend.

This second program is only for sisters (whether you are a mother or not). Try to attend and benefit from her teachings and wisdom.

For those who do not know who Sister Hena is, she doesn't need any introduction. She is the current editor in chief of, the largest online Muslim contributing website. She is a mother of four, and has worked for leading Islamic releif organizations such as Zakat Foundation of America, and Islamic Relief USA.

You can follow her on Twitter (@HenaZuber) or on Facebook (Hena Zuberi, and Hena Zuberi)

Special thanks and a shout out to Zakat Foundation of America, who is sponsoring her trip and taking care of all of her expenses! External Event Url
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