The Prophet (pbuh) declared, “The world is beautiful and verdant, and verily Allah (SWT), be He exalted, has made you His stewards in it, and He sees how you acquit yourselves.” (Muslim)

Asalaam Aliakum,

Ramadan is a time for spiritual growth, it a great time to reconnect with our Deen and to the trust, the Amana that God has given us in the form of the Earth and all that inhabit it. This Ramadan, IOST wants to help everyone do just that, in the form of our environmental and ecological impact as we break fast and share Iftars together throughout this holy month by taking a green initiative to reduce the amount of waste we generate during our nightly meals at the Masjid. We will be turning our trash into soil through composting.

This is a newsworthy community base effort and we cannot do it alone. We have taken all the steps to complete the preparations - from researching and purchasing compostable paper products & utensils to arranging bins for collecting compost and recycles. The compostable materials will be collected in these bins nightly and picked up by a local organization every morning and taken away for composting.

YOU can make a huge impact by signing up for just 1 hour a week this Ramadan to help us direct and educate our fellow community members about our program. Please spare a few or at least one night this holy month and reap the endless rewards. Every little bit counts. Please help us make this program a success, show everyone that we, as a Muslim Community, are capable of accepting and adopting a good change! "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow".

Please visit to sign up for one or more slots.

Please feel free to contact us with questions and concerns. Jizaak Allah Khair! External Event Url
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