Assalam Alaikum,

As in recent years IONA has encouraged and promoted volunteerism with the non-profit organization Warming Center of Macomb that arranges and helps facilitate emergency shelters for the homeless. These shelters are usually held at different houses of worship here in Macomb county for one week at a time.

Our neighbors First Presbyterian of Warren @ 3000 Twelve Mile Road 48092 (just East of Dequindre) will be hosting homeless guests for 2 weeks starting March 4. They originally were scheduled for just March 11 to 17 but approached us to help with the week of March 4 since it was open with no churches being able to host. IONA has agreed to manage the shelter that week even though First Presbyterian is the host site. We are in need of volunteers from the Muslim community to fulfill our role. A schedule has been attached with the needed time slots and positions. Secondly we are looking for monetary donations to help pay for the needed supplies and food we will be responsible for. Please take the time to review the schedule and make a commitment to help others for the sake of Allah SWT.

We are taking an unprecedented move to increase our assistance with the homeless population of Macomb County. It is our responsibility as Muslims. Contact me directly by email or phone to volunteer or make a donation. Any effort is welcome. Please do not hesitate but look at your own schedules and abilities and respond soon. Have no fear if this a new experience for you. There will be training and the tasks are simple. May Allah SWT accept from us our intentions and efforts, Ameen,

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