Fact: The person you are married to today is not the same person you married whenever.
Fact: You are not the same person either.
Question: Your starter marriage is over. Would you like to create a better one together?

Yesterday's marriage advice will not work on tomorrow's relationships. The game has changed. Whether you’re single, engaged, married, or it’s complicated, the Ibrahim Islamic Center is dedicated to transforming lives. We have a unique vision to help us all rediscover super strengths in today's relationships.

Facilitators: Khalis Rashaad, Sadia Jalali, atif Mahmud II
Included: Lunch, couples photography, and a stroll through nature
Cost: $25 per person. ($50 for couple)

This masterclass is limited to only 40 people. The content will be adult-oriented so please make alternate arrangements for your children. Note that we expect to sell out quickly, and will not offer tickets at the venue.


Meet the Incredibles. By day, Mr. Khalis Rashaad is a Type A accountant. However, his superhero work is an Imam at the Ibrahim Islamic Center. His mild-mannered wife makes a lovely casserole, but when Nyesha trades her apron for boxing gloves, she makes heavy-bags cry. His son is a black belt candidate in Kuk Sul Won and his daughter is a Tae Kwon Do phenom. Together they hum show-tunes and battle the evil forces of Shaytaan.

atif Mahmud II saves mosques. He produced the unMosqued documentary. Google it.
atif knows people. He is an Organizational Culture consultant. His kryptonite: wasps.
He's a minimalist, wavemaker and story teller. Ask him about the socks.

Every superhero needs help, and Sadia Jalali is a superhero Coach. She has helped her clients find their capes, discover new strengths, fix their theme songs, and learn to love again. Or in the case of her own Fantastic 4; just learn how to clean up their own Legos. Here's a little free coaching from Dr. Sadia: You’re the superhero you’ve been waiting for. Now get out there and save the world! External Event Url
Houston Arboretum & Nature Center
4501 Woodway Dr, Houston, TX, United States