In Itqan Academy, we are planning on buying a computer for each one of our classrooms. Denny’s on Schmale Road has offered to help by giving us a benefits weekend. This way you can support our school without spending an extra penny.

Please print and take the attached flyer with you to the Denny’s restaurant on Schmale Rd on either day, Dec 18th, 19th, or 20th and they will donate 20% of the total amount you spend there to Itqan Academy.

The flyer will also be available at ICW. Please pass the word to as many people you know so we can accomplish our goal.

Note: you must present the flyer to them so they can honor the donation.**

May I suggest my favorite dish to you? “The Loaded Veggie Omelet” External Event Url
Denny's, 363 S. Schmale Road, Carol Stream, IL 60188
, Glendale Heights, IL, United States