Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,
Alhamdullah, All praise be to Allah first, and then to your continuous support. We had an extremely successful Fundraising event last year, with over 1200 people attending and supporting our efforts..........

""Indeed, the men who practice charity and have loaned Allah a goodly loan - it will be multiplied for them, and they will have a noble reward.”
Please consider our 2016 discounted sponsorship opportunity. We are reaching out to you so that you can continue supporting us with your generous donations and ongoing dedication to help ICW become debt free by the end of 2016. Every effort you make is greatly appreciated.
May Allah reward you for the continuous efforts, service and commitment that you have shown in preserving your community! Please pass on as needed.

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Shalimar Banquets
280 W North Ave, Addison, IL, United States