What? Our four week summer program focuses on the interaction and the socialization of students through different outdoor and indoor activities, interactive as well as an enjoyable educational program. This along with a safe and trustworthy environment to help our children build their Islamic identity.

Our summer program’s themes will focus on Ramadan, & Eid. Our children will enjoy a program in a credible, creative,and pleasant atmosphere which will drive a positive-peer influence, as well as help them belong to their Islamic integrity.

With a student-centered approach, we strive to develop a love for reading, enriching Arabic language skills, and teach Islamic character by being a positive role model. Islamic studies will be presented through different stories and activities. We will also aim to develop the love of reading and learning Qur’an through child-friendly methods. All the activities will be age appropriate.

The program will consist of :
1. Islamic nursery rhymes
2. Etiquette and manners
3. Hands on activities related to Ramadan
4. Stories that relate to Ramadan & Eid
5. Outdoor fun
6. Field-trips related to lesson of the week.

Each day, your child will spend learning something new about ramadan while enforcing the Arabic langtuage, putting them into practice, and understanding it’s relevance to his/her daily life.

Who is the camp lead teacher:

Mrs. Raghad Hamdan will be the leading teacher of the camp -

"My name is Raghad Hamdan. My first teaching experience started at the Jewish Community Center and Ihsan Community Center. That's where I learned I love working with children and making a difference in their lives. This led me to get my Associate degree in early childhood education. I have a bachelors degree in English with a double minor in psychology and leadership. I am also Montessori certified. Throughout the past years I have taught children between the ages of 3 to 6 and watched them grow and move on to different grades. I want children to love going to schools and camps and not everyone can instill that in children. You have to love children and have a lot of patience with them. I am excited to rejoin Ihsan and see the lightbulb that clicks when the children learn something new and see their love of wanting to come to Ihsan."

Who? Children ages 3 - 6 (Must be potty-trained)

Where? Ihsan

When? May 16th - May 23rd - May 30th - June 6th ( A field-trip day or S.T.E.M Activity with a vendor )

May 19th - May 26th - June 2nd - June 9th ( A normal class day from 10 a.m. to 3 pm )

$100 ($85 + $15 registration fee ) for all the Saturdays of the month.

Use this link to register:
https://goo.gl/forms/t5UHTx8Uok4cZZJO2 External Event Url
6070 Branch Hill Guinea Pike, Milford, OH, United States