Our Goal is:
To provide a fun, healthy and learning environment for toddlers with the presence of their parents.

Age: infants to 5 years.

Our Strategies are:

1. Provide a regular time at which a story is read aloud to toddlers ages 18 months to 3 years every other week at Ihsan center for half an hour.

2. Ensure flexibility, Repetition, movement, caregiver participation in all activities to ensure a good time for all.

3, Read a story in Arabic & English (1-2 books (depending on how active they are)

4. Recite a short surah together ( depending on how active they are)

5. 1 flannel activity ( Chica chica pom pom alphabet tree)

6. 1 song or rhyme with puppets ( مزرعتنا حيوانات)

7. 3-4 “ get the wiggles out” activities ( egg shakers and dancing)

8. Arabic Alphabet song on a board with Arabic letters along with the chica chica pom pom tree.

9. End of session, color or create a simple craft ( each meeting will have an alphabet theme and the craft of coloring should correspond to that theme.) A program is being prepared for that purpose. External Event Url
6070 Branch Hill Guinea Pike, Milford, OH, United States