Our Goal is:

To provide a fun, healthy and learning environment for toddlers with the presence of their parents.

Age: infants to five year old

Our strategies are:

1. Provide a regular storytime to read aloud to children every other week at Ihsan center for an hour.

2. Ensure flexibility, repetition, movement, caregiver participation in all activities to ensure a good time for all.

3. Recite a short surah together ( depending on how active they are)

4. Read a story in Arabic & English

5. 3-4 “get the wiggles out” songs (egg shakers, maracas and bubbles)

6. Arabic Alphabet song with Arabic letters along with the chicka chicka boom boom tree.

7. End of session, color or create a simple craft (each meeting will have an alphabet theme and the craft of coloring should correspond to that theme.) A program is being prepared for that purpose. External Event Url