Immerse the love of Qur’an in the hearts of their holders and connect them to it on practical and daily basis.

Strengthen the connections between the people participating in the program as they will get together to study it together

encourage the spirit of competition & positive motivation for good between participants

Recognize the immature talents, encourage them and help nurture it to become a skill

This program is open to all ages.

Anyone can register for this program and register for any level they choose.

Competition Levels are:

Advanced : Memorize surah Al-kahf
Inermediate: Memorize surah Mulk
Beginners: Memorize surah Fatiha, Qadr, Asr, Kawthar, Ikhlas, Nasr

A certified teacher will be available during the Ihsan Summer Learning Fun Wednesday/ Friday from from 2:30 to 4 pm to help
any of the participants who needs to review their memorization.

A rewards ceremony will be held after the month of Ramadan to reward the best three winners of each level. More details on that
will follow.

Please register using this link:
https://goo.gl/forms/vs7wLqK1CDO5Sjlm2 External Event Url
6070 Branch Hill Guinea Pike, Milford, OH, United States