Community. السلام عليكم.

Announcement & Reminders:

1. Khatam Al-Quran is Wednesday, June 21. Iqama for Isha is 10:30 pm.

2. Eid ul Fitr is Sunday, June 25

- Takbeerat 8:30 AM; salah 9:00 AM

3. Zakat ul Fitr is $10/person. Please use donation box provided at the masjid. Please pay this as soon as possible.

May Allah give us the rewards and blessings of the last few days of Ramadan. Ameen
May He SWT help us gain the rewards of Laylatul-Qadr. Ameen

ان شاء الله
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Islamic Center of St. Joseph
2325 Messanie St, Saint Joseph, MO, United States