The Islamic Center of Greater Austin and Amoud Foundation, is hosting a Quran Night and Dua Night for the people of Aleppo with Qari Mohamed Jebril.

We are hosting a Prayer and Dua, so all can come together as a community and pray for the people of Aleppo in Syria.

You can help donate to Aleppo now at:

Details about the entire program will be posted on Sunday, December 18th.

As a community at ICGA, we might be feeling helpless over the genocide that is occurring in Aleppo, feeling this immense amount of guilt and wanting to do something for the people of Aleppo.

So what do we do? The most powerful thing as Muslims we can do is to make a collective prayer- So lets come together next Friday on December 23rd, for this special prayer and Dua.

We will be having World Renowned Qari Mohamed Jebri, reciting Quran and giving a special Dua.

About Qari Mohamed Jebril:

He meorized the Quran at the age of 9 and won a number of national and international competitions of Quran recitation. He studied at Al-Azhar University and received a B.A in Sharia and Law; he also went to the University of Jordan and worked as a lecturer and author of some religious programs for the Jordanian television.

Since 1988 and during the holy month of Ramadan, Shaykh Jebril has led the Tarawih prayers at the Amru Ibnu Aass mosque in Egypt. He was also appointed as supervisor of the establishment of the International Islamic Center of Quranic Sciences in Cairo. External Event Url
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