"The ummah is crumbling, being oppressed, and the brutality is increasing incident by incident. The question is what are we doing? It is always said "at least make dua". Yes, the least we can do is make dua, and dua is a powerful weapon towards helping those in pain and difficulty.

Inshallah, we will be making Qunoot e Nazilah (a collective dua in fajr prayer) on Saturday 17th December, so please pray fajr at the Frisco Masjid with your families and make dua for the people of Aleppo Syria and all around the globe.

JazakAllahu khair
Imam Shakil Vawda"

**Come pray fajr at the masjid and make dua as you begin the ICF Winter Break Fajr Challenge for those of you participating in the challenge! External Event Url
ICF Youth
11137 Frisco St, Frisco, TX, United States