UN World Water Day: Conserve this Precious Source

We would like to invite and encourage each and every one to be a part of saving the environment . After Flint, we realize the value of clean water and we should all make some, even a minuscule effort, to preserve this precious gift from God for the next generation. Let us all join hands for this cause that will benefit humanity at large. We appreciate your effort to spread the word. Thank you

Peace be on you all!

In a famous Hadith, Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) said, "Men are co-owners in three things: water, fire and pastures.” (Ahmed, ibn Maja)

Don't you think we are all then equally responsible for conserving and preserving this great bounty that our Creator has given us?

March 22 is the U.N World Water Day, a day set apart for focusing attention on the importance of fresh water and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

In keeping with the spirit of the day, the Muslim Community of Central Pennsylvania encourages every family reading this message to make a commitment to save a gallon of water every day.

There are many simple, practical ways of doing this. Here are some every member of your family can try:

1. Check faucets and pipes for leaks

2. Check your toilets for leaks. Put a little food coloring in your toilet tank. If, without flushing, the color begins to appear in the bowl within 30 minutes, you have a leak that should be repaired immediately.

3. Long hot showers can use five to ten gallons every unneeded minute. Limit your showers to the time it takes to soap up, wash down and rinse off.

4. Put plastic bottles or float booster in your toilet tank to cut down on water waste, put an inch or two of sand or pebbles inside each of two plastic bottles to weigh them down. Fill the bottles with water, screw the lids on, and put them in your toilet tank, safely away from the operating mechanisms. Or, buy an inexpensive tank bank or float booster.

5.Take shorter showers. One way to cut down on water use is to turn off the shower after soaping up, then turn it back on to rinse. A four-minute shower uses approximately 20 to 40 gallons of water.

6. Turn off the water after you wet your toothbrush.

7. Use your dishwasher and clothes washer for only full loads
Automatic dishwashers and clothes washers should be fully loaded for optimum water conservation.

8. Minimize use of kitchen sink garbage disposal units.

9. Don't let the faucet run while you clean vegetables.

10. Don't run the hose while cleaning your car. Use the hose only for rinsing - this simple practice can save as much as 150 gallons when washing a car.

Water conservation comes naturally when everyone in the family is aware of its importance. Use World Water Day 2016 as an opportunity to educate yourself and your family to conserve this precious resource!!

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