On March 4th, the eve of the Trump administration's scheduled cancellation of the DACA program, our community will join together to affirm Lancaster's deeply rooted values of diversity, inclusion, and community. Since 2012, DACA has provided legal status and basic rights to hundreds of thousands of American youth, who have come to be known as "Dreamers". Dreamers are our neighbors, students, co-workers, family members, and friends. They are integral to our community, and in this time of legal and political uncertainty we must come together to extend to them hospitality and mutual aid. When our leaders fail to lead, the people must stand up and come together. Together, we can dream BIG. When we do this, we are the true leaders of our community.

This family friendly, non-partisan event will include speakers, artistic performances, and opportunities for the community to learn about the many initiatives taking place in Lancaster that support Dreamers and the many immigrants who have made Lancaster their home. External Event Url
Penn Square Lancaster, Pa
, Lancaster, PA, United States