Dear SAAL Community Members,

Unfortunately, the past few years have seen a troubling increase in hate crimes and hate speech in our nation. Also, there has been increasing angst and confusion within the general population regarding immigration. As members of a minority (recently immigrated) population, we have the potential to be targeted in such situations.

As a multicultural organization that values the importance of American ideals of freedom and tolerance, SAAL is keenly aware of the importance of creating and fostering understanding within our community organizations and residents.

Simply through our ancestry, we need to be engaged exemplar ambassadors of cultural diversity. You can play key roles in your daily lives, helping to improve understanding and build bridges between people. Your efforts can help prevent bullying in all forms, including hate crimes and hate speech. SAAL is also committed in assisting our schools in any form in cultivating such civic behavior amongst our children.

There are already multiple local “Diversity” events that promote compassion, understanding, and tolerance. We encourage you to actively participate in these events. You play key roles in helping improve understanding and build bridges between people.

Join us on March 25th for a dialogue on diversity and providing support, resources for our community.

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Blossom Hill Mennonite Church
333 Delp Rd, Lancaster, PA, United States