Halal, Ethical & Socially Responsible Investing: How to build your wealth in line with your values
Mohammed Ghouri

Mohammed S. Ghouri is the founder and managing partner of 􀀤􀁑􀁇􀁄􀁏􀁘􀁖􀀃􀀦􀁄􀁓􀁌􀁗􀁄􀁏.
He is an experienced financial advisor and investment manager, and specializes in creating hybrid business models that serve individual clients,small businesses and community organizations. He holds an MS from NYU, an MBA from Cornell University and a Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam (S65) license. He lives in Long Island, NY. External Event Url
Islamic Community Center of Lancaster
275 Hess Blvd, Lancaster, PA, United States