The ICBW Board would like to invite all Bosnians for our Eid/Bajram celebration with Bosnian born singer-songwriter Eldin Huseinbegović. Eldin has performed and won awards at numerous festivals across Bosnia and neighboring countries. Eldin participated as B&H’s choice for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1999, he participated as singer/songwriter. He has recorded songs with some of the most famous Bosnian artists, including Dino Merlin and Hari Mata Hari. His dedication to Bosnian communities and music can been seen through his albums:
Poslije tebe (After You, 2007)
Tako bih rado (I Wish So, 2008)
Strijela sudbine (Arrow of Destiny, 2009)
Kaldrma (My neighborly street, 2010) External Event Url
Highland Community Center
14224 Bel Red Rd, Bellevue, WA, United States