First Workshop in "The College Preparation Journey" Series.

Guest speaker: Fairyal Maqbool

We at Hamzah Masjid are conducting a series of workshop designed to make the journey to college understandable and easier. Part 1 will be hosted on Feb 25th @ 2:30pm in Masjid

This college prep series is for student and parents, primarily focusing on 7th graders and above. Come and have all your questions and concerns addressed and let us know what topics of discussion in the college prep series you need help with, be it scholarships, standardized testing, financial aid, the application process, counseling or what classes to take leading up to college!

We're here to help!

Start preparing from 7th grade and learn what you need to do. Open to students & parents. External Event Url
Masjid Hamzah
665 Tidwell Rd, Alpharetta, GA, United States