With the grace of Allah, Golden Mosque has the honour of hosting two amzing scholars on Sunday 7th February.

Mufakkir e Islam, Allama Qamar uz Zaman A'zami's lifetime of services for the betterment of the Muslim community are not hidden from anyone. A remarkable indivdual, who is a true pillar of the Sunni communiy.

As far as English speaking scholars are concerned, there are not many that are more accomplished and as well spoken as Shaykh Mufti Monawar Ateeq.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to meet and listen to these amazing individuals this Sunday.

Please join the event, forward to others and do attend.
Food will be served at the end of the event in sha Allah.

We look forward to having the pleasure of hosting you. External Event Url
Golden Mosque & Islamic Cultural Centre
Lower Sheriff Street, Rochdale, UK, Rochdale, , United Kingdom