As a part of GCLEA's on-going women's health & fitness programs we introduce the following seminar on self defense.


DATE: 12/20/15
TIME: 5:00pm - 6:30pm

WE NEED AT LEAST 20 PEOPLE to secure a $10/person rate OR 15 people at $15/person!

Bring all your girl friends and girl relatives. Muslims and Non-Muslims.

AGE LIMIT: You must be 12 or older to join this class. And you MUST sign a waiver when you arrive. Parents will need to sign a waiver for girls ages 12 - 18. Babysitting is NOT available.

WE NEED AT LEAST 20 PEOPLE to secure a $10/person rate and 15 people for $15/person!

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: 12/18/15 at Midnight!

For more info, please contact Sis. Fatima Jones at 609-424-7428.

Bio of Trainer:
Anika Khan is a 5th degree black belt in 3 different styles of martial arts. She's also a certified instructor. She's been in the martial arts for 17 years. Anika competed in various competitions, and was inducted into a few hall of fames as "Best Female Competitor." Martial arts is her passion and it has shaped the woman she is today.

She does many self defense seminars for women, children, and college students. Anika also does private lessons for people who would like to train in a one-to-one setting.

Currently, she works as a Case Manager for a non-profit agency for people with intellectual disabilities and other mental health challenges. Her goal is to help people and to share her martial arts knowledge in order to help people feel more safe and confident in their every day life.


Thank you to Sister Halimah Bashir for coming up with this event and putting us in touch with the trainer. Jazāki Allāhu khayran. ♡ External Event Url
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