GCLEA has teamed up with the Cathedral Kitchen, which is the largest "soup kitchen" in Camden, NJ. They provide thousands of meals each month to the poor and needy. Our goal is to make at least 200 sandwiches each month (if not more) to help feed the poor and needy. We hope you will all join us to support this good cause.

You can bring meat to make either turkey, chicken or beef sandwiches, In sha'Allah.

All Youth Group Members: Please bring a bag of sandwich bread, a pack of sandwich meat and cheese.

All Others: If you wish to join us, please bring a bag of sandwich bread, sandwich meat & cheese. Please be on time.

For more information, please contact: Shanaz Persaud at girlsyouthcommittee@gclea.org

For Halaal Meat:
2301 West Oregon Avenue, Philadelphia, PA,

Here's a list of other stores:
http://www.yellowpages.com/cherry-hill-nj/cottman-halal-meat External Event Url
Gracious Center of Learning & Enrichment Activities
5 Esterbrook Ln, Cherry Hill, NJ, United States