Islamic Axioms: Fundamental Truths of the Faith, Dr. Tahir Wyatt
Islam is often presented in a very dogmatic manner which can lead some to believe that the Shariah is arbitrary with no rhyme or reason. The objective of this course is to connect the various Islamic sciences and highlight the principles which bind them together. Participants will gain a better understanding of the foundations of their faith and the cohesive nature of its tradition. The information covered in this course is suitable for beginners and will serve as a great reminder for advanced students.

Explanation of the Oft-Recited Chapters, Shaykh Rashid Ahmadi
As an important part of prayer, understanding what is recited is a major contributing factor to a meaningful spiritual experience. The objective of this course is to expound upon the most frequently recited chapters of the Qur'an in a relevant and memorable manner. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the selected chapters and strengthen their relationship with Allah's book. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of revelation in our daily lives with discussions on topics such as doctrine, worship, and manners.

Life Lessons from the Prophet's Biography, Imam John Starling
The life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is the most celebrated biographical account in the Muslim world. As a divinely-prescribed model for humanity, the Prophet's story should be understood as much more than a dramatic string of events. The objective of this course is to highlight some of the most potent yet practical life lessons he taught as his undying legacy. Participants will gain a better appreciation for the Prophet's life and mission and be better equipped to live a life according to his example. Information in this course will be both inspiring and informative.

Duration: 12 sessions

Time: 3rd Saturday of each month from 5-8:15 pm

Certificates will be issued to students who attend regularly and pass several assessments. External Event Url
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