Is it Freedom of Religion, or Freedom of Christian Religion? It seems that every statute of freedom our country was built on is being threatened at the very core. In just a week's time, we've seen more people lose their freedoms than we can truly fathom. People have come here over the past hundreds of years to escape the travesties in their own we've officially become another country where they are not safe.

We have a beautiful line-up of speakers, poets, and musicians for this event. Right now we have a fully-booked rally. Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in speaking or performing. There will be many more events in the future!

This event is specifically for showing support to our Muslim neighbors. Let's come together and find ways to support our neighboring Muslim organizations and families alike. Let's learn about their culture and plan how we can best protect them in the years to come.

**We WILL accomadate an Asr prayer during our event led be a local Imam.** For those of you who lack knowledge about the Muslim community and culture, this will be a learning experience and we will gently guide you through what to do if you encounter Muslims praying in public. Our job is to offer protection and respect, just as you would to anyone praying. This rally will be educational, so don't fret that you don't know what to do as of yet.

Make your boldest signs, prepare your loudest voices, and bring your warmest hugs. Our neighbors are in danger and we need to show solidaroty in support. As always, this will be a peaceful, family-friendly event.

More about this event can be found here:

*If you're interested in staying involved with our work and following our future protests, here are some links to help you do so:
- Join our group, Community for Unity
- Follow my activist page, External Event Url
Denver's Civic Center Park
Colfax and Bannock, Denver, CO, United States