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Classical Arabic Classes

Learn Arabic Grammar and Vocabulary the Traditional Way!

Why learn Arabic?

We all must admit that too many of us unfortunately don't appreciate the importance of understanding the Quran.Were quite satisfied to recite it without knowing the meaning, without caring to understand it. However it's absolutely essential that we understand the Quran in it's original text, as the translation in any language doesn't completely convey the full message of the Quran and it's beauty and is simply inferior to the original copy of the Quran. The Quran is considered the peak of Arabic literature!

From the literary point of view, the Quran is regarded as a specimen of the purest Arabic, written on half poetry and half prose. It has been said that in some cases grammarians have adopted their rules to agree with certain phrases and expressions used in it, and that though several attempts have been made to produce a work equal to it as far elegant writing is concerned, none has as yet succeeded.

"The best among you are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it."

About the Instructor:

Ustadh Mohammad Mohammadi is a renowned Arabic instructor (with a staggering amount of knowledge in the language) and was born and raised in Iran. He accepted Sunni Islam after his long journey and struggle for the truth. He used to walk miles daily to various Masajid's to find a religious leader who could give satisfactory and rational answers to his questions regarding both philosophy and theology. He later discovered one of the greatest scholars in the Persian world.

After studying Arabic and the Islamic Sciences extensively he then later left for England to study engineering on an academic scholarship. During his time in the United Kingdom he was the head of Arabic studies at the Liverpool Muslim Society also known as Al Rahma Mosque. When he came to Canada he taught Arabic and the Islamic Sciences at Understand Quran Academy, Masjid Al-Farooq and various other insitutes and Masajid's.

Ustadh Mohammad is very well known for his critical thinking, wisdom, rationalism, remarkable teaching skills and immense knowledge in both Arabic and Persian.

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