I want you to imagine you grew up in an environment that protected you from fitnah; this protection carried you through your entire life but then, you were forced to step out.
Step 1.) You are exposed to constant exposure of the opposite sex and are tempted to free mix.
Step 2.) You befriend people who, you find out, spend all their free time under the influence because they see it as the only way to unwind.
You keep walking and realize that you aren’t prepared for this. Your heart and imaan is weak and diseases are poured into your heart until that candle of imaan is extinguished. Your heart is empty and dark.
The heart is the most honorable part of a man’s body; it’s the part that knows Allah SWT, works for Him, seeks to draw you near him and feels the values of his bounties and favors. The other parts of the body just follow the heart’s commands like kings utilize slaves.
The hearts is prepared for guidance in regards to its nature but may not accept in respect to our desires and wishes. The hearts remains in a field of struggle between good and bad and once a side is chosen, it settles. If the bad side is chosen then the only method to clean it to its original state is through the remembrance of Allah SWT. Don’t give up and let Shaytan puff at your candle as you try to reignite it. Find light in your life and be the light to others. Keep it burning and if it goes out, remember, you can always rekindle the flame.
Allah SWT says in the the Quran, “Only in remembrance of Allah will your hearts find peace,” (63.9)
Being in good company makes you better, so let's spend this summer reconnecting with Allah SWT by reconnecting with one another. Young Muslims Northeast Retreat puts us as Muslim youth in an environment that builds brotherhood that can reach from CT to NJ, from PA to MA and all the way to NY. Join Young Muslims for the annual summer Retreat August 18-22, 2017.
The Prophet SAW said, “A person follows the Deen of his closest friend; therefore let each of you look carefully at whom he chooses for friends.” [Tirmidhi]
Activities include: Basketball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Zip-lining, Mountain Biking, Archery and ending the trip with miles of White Water Rafting!!!!

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Camp Cayuga
321 Niles Pond Rd, Honesdale, PA, United States