An intensive session is a session that is 2 hours and 45 minutes long and is meant to be more academic in nature, for an audience that desires a higher level of learning. It is held early in the morning and is typically only attended by those that possess a true commitment to learn. The intensive session is meant to go more in-depth and address topics that would otherwise be too dense to address in a 30-40 minute subsession. Attendees will also be provided with packets of notes to give an overview of the main points of the session and also to guide their own personal notes.

The topic for this year’s intensive session is Shattering the Shackles by Sheikh Kamal El Mekki. It will take place in Room 339-342. Seating is limited and will be based on first come first served.

Often times, we experience emotional pain yet we don't understand why. We pursue and achieve our goals yet we still feel empty. We can’t seem to get closer to Allah SWT despite sincerely wanting to. We end up empty and feeling hollow because we attach our hearts to that other than Allah SWT. However, true contentment in life is can only be found with Allah SWT. As such, this session will discuss the following:
● What are the signs that our hearts are attached to other than Allah SWT?
● How do we address the feeling of emptiness/hollowness in our hearts?
● What should we attach our hearts to? What should we detach our hearts from?
● What are the consequences of having our hearts attached to the wrong things?
● What changes in outlook must we make in order to reconnect our hearts to Allah SWT?
● What are practical steps we can take in order to reconnect our hearts to Allah SWT? External Event Url
Baltimore Convention Center
1 W Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD, United States