Come join us this Friday as we kickoff the 2011 Quran Conference at Waterford Center with an amazing talk with Prof. Nouman Ali Khan and Prof. Omer Mozaffer!

For most of us Quran, our interaction with the Quran is about reading it and reciting. However, we should understand that Quran is not just a book meant to be read or recited, but to be understood. It is only through understanding it that we can truly use the Quran for what it has been given to us for: Guidance. However, reading the Quran for guidance can be a daunting task since many of us don't have the scholarly knowledge necessary to do it, and because of that, we are intimidated by trying to understand a book with so much meaning and so much guidance. We must keep in mind though that the Quran is a book for all of mankind, not just those with scholarly knowledge. We may not have the insights to find deep meaning, but we can all begin at some point and build a relationship with the Quran.

Insha'Allah, Our speakers will discuss why it is important to understand the Quran, and how one can use to make changes their personal life. External Event Url