Young Muslims Glasgow, ISB and Amina MWRC present

************************Take Ownership!*************************

A workshop empowering young Muslims, discussing identity, islamophobia in the media, refuting ISIS and internet safety.
Session 1-exclusively for 14-25 years old
Session 2-Parents and all adults welcome.
Open to brothers and sisters.

Free event, pizzas and drinks on offer too!

We are undoubtedly living in a time in which we are the most globally connected to one another than ever before through the use of social media … yet why at times does it seem we are also equally so disconnected?

We have all witnessed and been touched in one way or another by the events gripping our social screens over the past few months and most recently the past few weeks. We are being thrown into extreme SADNESS by being exposed to scenes of injustice to innocents across the globe. ANGER at the senseless loss of live, WARMTH and JOY at the countless everyday heroes going out their way to aid strangers in need and Confusion. CONFUSION when the blame falls on a religion whose foundation stems from peace; good character and humanity towards its fellow man…

Its time to TAKE OWNERSHIP of this debate, be proud of who you are, confidant to say these acts of terror are nothing to do with religion #NotInMyName.

In this workshop we aim to cover finding your identity, dealing with Islamophobia in the media, refuting ISIS and the media and cover Internet safety.

FRIDAY 4th of December at Al-Furqan mosque:
5pm: free food and drinks
5.30pm: prompt start to session 1 (ONLY for 14-25yrs BOTH brothers and sisters)
9pm: Session 2 internet safety (parents welcome)

Transport: will be available for those attending from Woodfarm YM circles, please contact your head of circle for more details.

For more details on the event please feel free to contact:


Organized by: YM, ISB, Amina WRC. External Event Url
Al-Furqan Mosque Glasgow
19 Carrington Street, Glasgow, , United Kingdom