With Qasim Mazhar and Mujahid Fletcher

Program begins after Maghrib
Dinner will be served

*For those of you interested in basketball, lights will be open until 11:00pm

Check it out. These guys don't front. Alhamdulillah they're straight up at attacking the problem. Don't miss out.



Qasim Mazhar's Biography:
Brother Qasim Mazhar is a New Jersey born Muslim who has been involved in Islamic youth work with several organizations all over the country for more than 10 years.

Currently, he travels all over the United States working to create and develop youth groups with YM in Muslim communities. He also gives khutbahs on a regular basis in his local New Jersey area such as Masjid Tawheed in Jersey City, New Jersey and Masjid Noor in Piscataway, New Jersey, as well as several cities all over the U.S. A few Masajid where he recently gave khutbah include Islamic Society of Melbourne, Florida, Islamic Society of Wichita, Kansas, Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and several more.

In a visit to Houston in October 2011, Brother Qasim gave khutbah at the University of Houston and spoke at a Family Night in Masjid Hamza. At the ICNA-MAS and YM Conference at University of Houston, Brother Qasim hosted several lectures and workshops. He also led salat and conducted a couple of youth Halaqahs in Bear Creek Masjid Mustafa, where he was very well received by several members of the community.

Brother Qasim has also engaged in intensive studies of tajweed with Sheikh Ramadan al-Sabbagh from Jersey City, New Jersey for several years. He has performed Tilawatul Quran in many Islamic events, including ILM-Fest New Jersey 2010 by Al-Maghrib, as well as opening recitation for world-famous Qari Saad Nomani's first ever United States tour in Jersey City, New Jersey, and several Islamic conferences all over the country.

A link to Brother Qasim Mazhar's recitation is below:

Jaime (Mujahid) Fletcher's Biography:
Brother Jaime (Mujahid) Fletcher is originally from Colombia, South America. He accepted Islam 11 years ago. He studied Arabic and Quranic studies in Cairo, Egypt. He is a:

• Professional Multimedia Designer & Independent Film Producer
• Owner & CEO of a full-service advertising agency named “FocusPoint Studios”.

• Founder of IslamInSpanish; an educational non-profit organization dedicated to producing Multimedia to educate Latinos about Islam worldwide in the Spanish language.

• Founder of the Andalucia Media Arts Center centrally located in Houston, which is:

“A Media Arts Center assisting communities bridge the gap amongst generations, cultures, & creeds through the use of Multimedia production, interactive workshops, social events, & community outreach.”

• National and International Speaker on the topics of Latinos, Youth, Islam, Dawah, and Media. External Event Url
Masjid Al-Mustafa Bear Creek
17250 Coventry Park Dr, Houston, TX, United States