Asalaamu Alaikum!

YM Houston and MIST Houston presents......Khateeb Workshop!


Brothers only.
(High school and college students preferred)

This workshop is specifically created to empower students to the next level in the community and in their Iman.

For many people, Friday is the only religious experience they have all week. ----Are we upholding the responsibility of the mimbar?
----Are we settling for khutbahs that are below average, and don’t help us become better Muslims? Less than inspiring? Boring? Not applicable to our lives?

The problem we face is two fold.

Firstly, we lack qualified khateebs in general. People are often thrust into the position against their will, and sometimes have been giving khutbah for 5-10 years without ever receiving formal training.

The second problem is that even the experienced khateeb sometimes is not able to connect properly with the audience.

This workshop is a small effort at helping to fix that. Whether you are simply interested in giving a khutbah, or a well-seasoned veteran, we hope that you will try and attend. External Event Url
Student Centers- University of Houston
4455 University Dr, Houston, TX, United States