*** Note: You may attend the first class for free and decide afterwards if you want to register.***

Course Outline:

In current times, many youth in their quest for knowledge delve into specified and advanced Islamic teachings. However, sometimes a gap exists where many of the core fundamental teachings, the spirit of religion, and basic knowledge of life's questions are not clearly understood. This course hopes to address this concern and grant the students with a firm and solid understanding in the core objectives of their religion. The topics are chosen to raise discussion and encourage critical thinking. The instructor is known for using a variety of visual chart/diagrams to promote a more academic-style of teaching that students may relate to. The classes will also include activities arranged by the YM team, aside from a lecture-format, to help students form their own conclusions through their own thought process. All students are encouraged to attend; the course will revisit and may cause us to re-think some of our most basic assumptions of Islam.

Registration will be handled after the first class. If you surely plan to attend, then please pay a visit to our website and fill out the form to let us know you will be attending! The fee ($20 for entire course) can be paid at the end of the first class. This is for both, Brothers & Sisters.
(Age Group: Generally Post-Secondary Students & Grade 11,12 students are also welcomed)

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Instructor: Miyyan Ayub Hamid

"He has conducted numerous Islamic workshops, youth camps, Qur-aanic studies sessions, discussion groups, Halaqahs and Tafseer programs. He has served as voluntary Imam, Khateeb and Marriage Officer, undertaken jail visitation and street Da’wah programs and helped families in distress through marriage and youth counselling. He has authored many articles on topics of Islamic significance, hosted a TV program called “Islamic Perspectives” on the local community access channel, represented the Muslim community in local media (radio, TV and newspapers) and developed multiple courses to improve the lot of the Muslim Ummah in Canada."

Further Information on the Instructor & His Works: http://ayubhamid.ca

The 13-week curriculum will be as follows:

1. Western vs. Islamic Paradigms about life
2. Contemporary vs. Islamic Paradigms about religion
3. Why did Allaah give us Deen and send the Prophet according to the Qur-aan?
4. Dzikr and Taqwa
5. Ikhlaas and Tawakkul
6. Truth, trustworthiness and Jama’ah
7. The Role of the Pillars of Islam in attaining objectives of Deen
8. The Guiding Principles of Deen
9. Two Indispensible, but neglected, parts of Deen
10. Crucial Difference between Deen and Sharee’ah and Fiqh
11. What incurs the wrath of Allaah?
12. What makes people go astray?
13. Putting it all together; Mission Statement and Strategy

Classes will be more in the form of interactive discussions rather than lectures. For every class, there will be reading material and students will be expected to read before the class (except for the first class). In every class, there will be a quiz to assess how much of the covered topics have been understood.

Contact Info for any questions:
Fahd Ansari, (416) 520-2479
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