Saturday 18th Feb -6pm to 8pm FREE Lecture Zaytuna Character Building event, Melbourne University Lecture Theatre- Graham st opp GV Hospital Shepparton. Topic: "TO KNOW HIM IS TO LOVE HIM (Sallalahu alayhi wassalam)" - The epitomy of noble character. SPEAKER: Ustadh Mahmud Kürkçu

Sunday 19th Feb. 9am-5pm Parklake Hotel Function Room Zaytuna Character Building event 2, Deen Intensive Workshop- Topics incl: "Seeking Beneficial Knowledge" and "Raising Righteous Children" also "Islam, Iman & Ihsan" SPEAKER: Ustadh Mahmud Kürkçu. LUNCH and CHILDCARE is provided. TICKETS: $50 Full day/half day with lunch OR $30 Half day without lunch. LIMITED TICKETS to 40 people Only. First come first served basis. For more info contact Br Orhan Sheriff 0403055482 External Event Url