It’s that time of the year again! The question is - are you ready??

Jump into the experience of a lifetime with fellow Muslims in an environment full of compassion, brotherhood and food that's out of this world.

Young Muslims of Australia has been around for a long time. Our camps run a program that's a "proven recipe" to help Muslim youth connect with their Deen in modern times.

Our camps are focused on building a strong link between young Aussie Muslims and the Islamic tradition. This is done through an exciting and engaging program including activities, workshops and more.

YMA is run by youth - we understand how challenging it can sometimes be to be a Muslim growing up in Australia. The Youth Camp provides an opportunity for young Aussie Muslims to develop confidence in understanding the basics of Islam as well as providing an environment to meet and benefit from the friendship of fellow Muslims.

If you or a loved one are between 16-25 years of age then apply to secure your spot ASAP! Applications close mid-December.

📝 Apply now for YMA’s 25th Senior Camp @
📅 Dates: 27th December - 4th January. External Event Url
Young Muslims of Australia (YMA)
31 Nicholson st, Coburg, VIC, Australia